6 Video Game Cereal Ads

Now you’re playing with breakfast power!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If fire flowers or invincibility stars were real, we would have insisted on eating them for breakfast as kids. Since they aren’t, we settled for cereals based on our favorite games. They powered our mornings with sugar and food coloring, the best way to start any day. Game on, breakfast!


Pac-Man Cereal

I can do the Pac-Man? Me? I highly doubt it.


Donkey Kong Cereal

You know your cereal is cool if a young Zach Morris eats it.


Donkey Kong Jr. Cereal

All the flavors of fruit with none of fruit’s nutritional values!


Sonic The Hedgehog Cheerios

Open the box, free a bunch of small animals for some reason.


Pokemon Cereal (Spanish Commercial)

¡Voy a capturar a todos los monstruos de bolsillo!


Nintendo Cereal System

It wasn’t just a cereal, it was a cereal system. There’s a difference, mom.


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