NFL Wrap-Up: Week 13 West Divisions

Denver now tied for first, Niners clinch.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

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Tim Tebow leads the Broncos to another win, the 49ers make the playoffs for the first time since 2002 and Dallas is stunned by Arizona by no fault but their own. Let’s get started with the re-caps!

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs 10
Chicago Bears 3

Who is going to stop the bleeding in Chicago? Amazing how bad some of these teams are without their quarterback. Colts without Manning, worthless. Bears without Cutler, lethargic. Broncos without Orton??…Ok, maybe not the last one…

Da’ Bears just dropped their second straight contest, both to AFC West teams, after winning five straight. They also lost the league’s 3rd leading rusher in Matt Forte to a knee injury. Ya, not lookin good Chi-town. Maybe some Ferris Bueller later to cheer you up?? That always works for me…

It was an ugly game all around. Not only was KC quarterback Tyler Palko playing like Tyler Palko, but once he was replaced by newly acquired Kyle Orton (former Bears QB, ironically), Orton suffered an injury on his first play from scrimmage….only for the Chiefs to have to bring  Palko in again. The Chiefs won on 17/30 passing from Palko with only 157 yards in the air. Palko…that’s fun to say…

KC got their first touchdown in three games.


Denver Broncos 35
Minnesota Vikings 32

Tebow does it again. Really, when will the madness end? Maybe when the Broncos play a playoff team.

This was a hard fought game, and Tebow played great. He had two 3rd quarter touchdowns, and although he only threw the ball 15 times, he completed 10 of them, good for a rating of 149.3.

Just as outstanding though was Minnesota quarterback, Christian Ponder, who set the club rookie record with 381 yards passing. Percy Harvin reeled in two of his throws for TD’s and had 156 yards receiving.

Denver’s Demaryius Thomas had a huge day too, catching 2 TD’s for 144 yards.

It was just an offensive day all around. Toby Gehart filled in nicely for Adrian Peterson with 91 yards on the ground, and Denver’s Willis McGahee had 111 yards for himself.

In the end it was Matt Prater being the difference, knocking in two field goals in the final 93 seconds of the game to secure the win.

Denver linebacker, Mario Haggan was an absolute beast as well with eight tackles, four assists and an interception returned for a touchdown.

Miami Dolphins 34
Oakland Raiders 14

Remember when the Dolphins were winless and were considered to be in the ‘Andrew Luck sweepstakes?’ Ya, hard to imagine right?

The fish have outscored their opponents 139-54 in the past five weeks. This game was never close. Miami was up 34-0 before Carson Palmer threw for two trash touchdowns late.

The Raid’ahs are now tied atop the AFC West with the Denver Tebows…er Broncos.

San Diego Chargers VS. Jacksonville Jaguars – (Monday Night Football, 8:30 EST)

NFC West

St. Louis 0
San Francisco 26

It’s finally official. The 49ers are division champs and back in the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

Alex Smith looked great. The Rams, they didn’t.  Stephen Jackson was awful. Frank Gore was pretty good. Kind of a ‘ho-hum’ game. Should be interesting to see if Harbaugh can keep his kids focused on the remaining games now that they got the NFC West wrapped up.


Dallas Cowboys 13  OT
Arizona Cardinals 19

Seriously? What is up. With. These. Cowboys?

Kevin Kolb tossed in a short pass to LaRod-Stephens Howling for a TD, nailing the overtime win for the Cards. The kicker is (no pun intended), is that Dallas should have won it in regulation, but blew it.

Dallas called timeout just milliseconds before kicker, Dan Bailey, successfully booted a 49 yard field goal that should have won the game. On his second attempt, that counted, his kick was short and to the left….. ouch.

“I was glad they iced their kicker so I didn’t have to,” stated Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt. Even further of an ouch!

Each quarterback performed well, but were both sacked 5 times.

Dallas now falls to 7-5, but still sit one game ahead of New York for first place.

Philadelphia Eagles 14 (Thursday Night)
Seattle Seahawks 31

How funny does the ‘dream team’ label fit Philly now? Before the season started, if you would have told me that at Week 13, the ‘hawks would be 5-7 and Philly would be 4-8.. I think I would have laughed in your face. This is starting to get ugly.

Vince Young threw 4 picks, one on his first pass of the game. Two of the picks translated into TD’s for Seattle.

Marshawn Lynch continues to have the best year of his life. He rushed for 148 yards and 2 TD’s.

Offensive Player Of The Week
Demaryius Thomas (WR) Denver– 144 yards, 2 TD
Defensive Player Of The Week
Mario Haggan (LB) Denver– 8 Tackles, 4 Assists, 1 Interception – TD

Division Standings

AFC West

Oakland Raiders 7-5

Denver Broncos 7-5

Kansas City Chiefs 5-7

San Diego Chargers 4-7

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers 10-2

Seattle Seahawks 5-7

Arizona Cardinals 5-7

St. Louis Rams 2-10


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