HBO Real Sports Preview #12

 [VIDEOS] HBO Real Sports explores the impact of concussions, revisites Rae Carruth’s unwanted son, & the collapse of the Cowboys facility.

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Real Sports premieres Tuesday, November. 20 at 10pm ET/PT on HBO. Take a peak at what Bryant Gumbel has in store…


Rae Carruth’s Unwanted Son: 3 years after a shocking tragedy, Bryant Gumbel travels to North Carolina to tell the inspiring story of Rae Carruth’s unwanted son.

2009 Collapse of Cowboys Facility: Frank Deford returns to Texas to see what has happened to the people who were injured and to the company.

Your Brain on Football: Real Sports explores the impact of concussions on young football players as Purdue University scientists examine what can happen to an athlete's brain after a season of football.