5 Parodies of “It’s Thanksgiving”

Whoa-ah-oh - It’s the new worst song ever!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

First there was Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” produced by Ark Music, the worst song ever of all-time times infinity. Now, Ark Music may have successfully replicated and worsened the Friday formula with Nicole Westbrook’s ear splitting “It’s Thanksgiving.” Judging by the reaction from YouTube comedians, I think we’d all be thankful if this song went away now. Here are 5 parodies of “It’s Thanksgiving”:


Nicole Westbrook – “It’s Thanksgiving” (Official Video)

Friday, Friday—I mean, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving…


“It’s Thanksgiving” (Brock’s Dub)

We give thanks for all the WAUU-WOOAAA!


“It’s Thanksgiving” (Cartoon Parody)

I wish she was wearing that shirt in the original.


“It’s Thanksgiving” (Honest Version)

Greatest scam ever! Yay!


Hitler Reacts to “It’s Thanksgiving”

So… he’s a fan?


“It’s Thanksgiving” (Dub Parody)

Thanksgiving’s all about Turkey, sides ‘n’ suicide.


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