Jahnna Randall And Gizmo on Comedy Crack Podcast Episode 18

Get your fix of Jahnna Randall and her furry friend Gizmo

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Creator and star of ‪http://www.puppiesandtiaras.com/ – Jahnna Randall from 'Why Wait Productions' joins us today to talk about acting, comedy, and creating a web series…. oh and what it's like to compete against your own dog in a race for stardom!

Also joining us will be Gizmo, who probably won't talk much.. what a pre-Madonna 

WARNING This Show Contains Adult Humor WARNING



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WARNING This Episode Contains Adult Humor WARNING

Normally I try to live stream and record a video of the entire interview as well – This time however the youtube live had a mind of it’s own… so instead you can see us getting ready to start and at least imagine how amazing it would have been to watch!

Check out some videos featuring our guests:

Fake Pocket Dial


15" Macbook Pro 2.6 VS Macbook Pro Retina Display 2.3

Jahnna’s got a passion for learning new tech and here’s her showing off some fancy ass mac laptops.


Puppies And Tiaras (Toddlers & Tiaras Parody)

Here’s the 19 minute short film, and you get to see it here before it even hits Animal Planet… that’s like eating your desert before dinner!


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