Podcast Review: The Crabfeast!

This week we cover the latest and greatest from Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

This week we strapped in to hear some of America’s best comics tell tales from the road, life, and good times gone badly (‘bad’ in a ‘fun’ sort if way or ‘bad in an ‘awful’  sort of way, you decide). The Crabfeast is the latest edition to comedian Jay Mohr’s podcast network, Fake Mustache Studios. Sickler (Comedy Central, Late Late Show) was, and continues to be an opener for Mr. Mohr on the road though his acclaim has been rising steadily along with his host Larson (Comedy Central, Conan).

Have yourself a little listen:

We’ll be completely honest with you – most of the time when two comics get together to tell stories from the road or life experiences it’s usually awesome for several months and then the material starts to dwindle — because without fresh guests or a specific format the hosts simply run out of things to talk about. The show becomes more of a chore than a opportunity. This is not the case with The Crabfeast. Sickler and Larson rise above becasue of the fresh voices they bring in to join them on a weekly basis, and their stories are either so f*cking crazy you could listen to them again and again without tire.

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