Canadian Productions On The Rise

Toronto, Vancouver, and Halifax are busy with television projects again.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

While Canadian-made productions have slowed in recent years, there's been a resurgence in television shows being filmed on home soil.

Toronto, Vancouver, and Halifax have become hubs again for a slew of dramas that are being created and shot coast to coast. According to an article by The Canadian Press, Rob LaBelle, who is the executive producer of the upcoming CTV show "Motive," said the success of dramas like "Flashpoint," which airs its series finale in the coming weeks, has helped to reignite Canada as a base of production for North American dramas."It's wide open now, in terms of production," he said.

Other shows being produced here include the new Citytv title "Seed," which has an international distribution deal. "Motive" is being shot in Vancouver and also has rights outside of Canada.

One of the main reasons that productions are back on the rise here is due to recent changes with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and the way that they issue network license renewals. According to director Sturla Gunnarsson, who has worked on such series as "The Firm" and "Rookie Blue," the new requirements "are really, really essential cornerstones and are what has led to a robust industry," he said (CP). "They had to put so much stuff on the air but… you spent as little as you could on it and you threw it up there. We are in an era where the private networks are producing more content than the CBC. That's never happened before."