Marvel Teases X-Termination

Looks like the 616 is taking on the Age of Apocalypse next March. That can't be good...

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


This came in my inbox today.




The only information in the email was "Worlds Collide."  No creators, no nothin'.

Given that it shows Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler fighting with Wolverine, we can assume this spins out of the events of Uncanny X-Force, wherein Kurt betrayed the team to join forces with the 616 version of his mother, Mystique. Given the fact that there is an ongoing Age of Apocalypse series as well, one might extrapolate that the tagline about colliding worlds would mean that there's a crossover between Earth 616 (aka our familiar Marvel Universe) and Earth 285, the Age of Apocalypse reality. Currently, Wolverine is the new Apocalypse there, humanity is almost extinct and the 616's biggest anti-mutant bigots are the last hope for survival.

Sure, this could be something else – maybe Nightcrawler's just a part of a new Brotherhood, or maybe 616 Nightcrawler will come back to life. But if the Ultimate Comics universe can cross over with the 616, so can AoA.