6 Hilarious Black Friday Pranks

Trample your way to these awesome prank videos!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Black Friday is that magical time of the year when you can die or get seriously injured trying to enter a Target at 4 am for a discounted flat-screen TV. With all the tension in the air, it’s a good thing there are YouTube pranksters brave/foolish enough to create even more tension and capture it on video. Here are 6 hilarious Black Friday pranks:


Black Friday Employee Prank

Trust any sale that ends with “but you’ve got to meet me in the back.”


Black Friday Shopping Prank 2011

K-Mart had an amazing Black Friday sale on fish poison.


Black Friday Scare Prank: Human Mannequin

You know the economy’s bad when people are volunteering to be mannequins at the mall.


Black Friday At A Dollar Store

This prank is strangely heartwarming?


Black Friday Shopping Prank 2012

I never go scuba diving without my scuba cape.


Black Friday Train Horn Prank

I thought everybody liked trains.


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