Funny Pages – Pre Holiday Viral Madness

The holidays are coming, so get some laughs in!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Before the holidays bog us down with a multitude of cheestastic videos, let’s take in one last breath of pure viral madness. Carefully cultivated from the front pages of the best sites in video humor technologies, it’s the funny pages!


Dailymotion  – Title (link)

Let’s get this video list rocking! I love Christmas Carols too little kid… I mean the one’s Ozzy sings.

So You Want To Have Kids? by videobash


Break  – The Female Orgasm Law  (link)

The biggest Myth nex too Santa Claus… am I right?! Winky face.


College Humor – Trooper: Bathroom Run (link)

Nothing says Christmas like a new episode of Troopers!


Dorkly – Sonic, Lord of the Rats (link)

Oh Rats… hey guys anyone want to play this new Willard game? Also fun the anti-cooperative board game Pandemic II : The Plague. Good times.


Funny Or Die – Facebook Law Meeting (link)

And this is how law gets done! Like! Poke! Justice! Take that Zuckerberg.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.


Now go forth and get your wrap on.

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Here’s some bonus fun just in time for the holidays: