“Bomb Girls” Season 2 Returns January 2nd

Guest stars will include Rosie O'Donnell and Cheryl Hickey.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

The #1 show in the wintertime timeslot on Global, "Bomb Girls," is back on January 2nd with a number of special guest stars and 12 all-new episodes.

Talk show legend Rosie O'Donnell will be guest starring on the series, as well as "ET Canada's" Cheryl Hickey, who will make a cameo appearance, and George Stroumboulopoulos.

“We knew we had a success on our hands when 1.6 million viewers tuned into the premiere of 'Bomb Girls,'" said Barb Williams, SVP of Content at Shaw Media. "Fans immediately embraced and connected with the little known story of these incredible Canadian women who worked in the munitions factories during World War II. The powerful drama has a lot more in store, and this is the perfect series to kick off the New Year on Global."

Season 2 brings viewers into the year 1942, at the crux of the war, with its music, fashion, romance, and the thrill of being alive in dangerous times. For the first time, everyone at Victory Munitions must come face-to-face with the war as wounded soldiers return home, and there are casualties, foreigners, and hidden foes among them. There’s rationing, unholy alliances, and the ever-present danger of explosives. While each of the characters go through their own personal trials, they also know that the steadfast friendships forged on the frontlines of Victory Munitions means that someone will always have their back.

Academy Award-nominee Meg Tilly ("Agnes of God," "The Big Chill") continues to the lead the cast as the no-nonsense shift matron, Lorna Corbett, along with Jodi Balfour ("The Sinking of the Laconia") playing Gladys Witham, Ali Liebert ("Hellcats") as Betty McRae, and Charlotte Hegele ("Murdoch Mysteries") in the role of Kate Andrews. Anastasia Phillips ("Skins") portrays Vera Burr, who is learning to live a life where her beauty is no longer the most outstanding asset, and Antonio Cupo ("American Mary") is back as the honourable Marco Moretti. Plus, new to the cast for season 2 is Gemini Award-winner Michael Seater ("Life with Derek"), and he'll play Ivan, a gregarious factory worker and the object of interest of the girls working the assembly line at Victory Munitions.

Season 2 of "Bomb Girls" gets started on Wednesday, January 2nd at 8pm on Global.

Photo: www.globaltv.com