Could Cooperative Play Come to Assassin’s Creed?

An online survey hints to the possibility...

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Cooperative play could be making its way to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. GMI Surveys has gone live with a poll that asks voters to not only rate Assassin’s Creed III, but also voice their opinions on a number of proposed features that might help shape future games in the series. Some of these features include playing as a new hero (possibly a Templar), underwater segments, more wilderness to explore, more naval battles (yes!), and even the option to play the campaign cooperatively.

Now, before you start jumping up and down and daydreaming of ways to slaughter Templar bastards with the help of your best bud, know that this survey doesn’t technically mean anything. The same polling agency ran a similar survey in 2010 after the launch of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, which asked many of the same questions, including the one about cooperative play. And now two years later, the feature is still not here (not that we’re complaining).

If you want to check out the full list of questions, read below. You can also take the survey yourself to voice your opinion with the following link. So, which features would you love to see in the next Assassin’s Creed? Sound off below.

  • Play another game with Connor
  • More wilderness areas to explore outside the cities
  • Ability to continue gameplay experience on tablet/mobile while away from home
  • Playing as a templar
  • Underwater gameplay
  • Ability to share information in-game with friends e.g. solve in-game clues together
  • More naval gameplay (navigation, battles…)
  • Ability to use mobile/tablet as a complementary display to perform some actions or access some info while playing on my console
  • Ability to create my own assassin and customize him
  • More famous historical characters to meet/befriend/fight
  • A new present-day hero (different from Desmond)
  • More assassination missions
  • Playing as a new assassin, in a different historical time period
  • More stealth gameplay sequences
  • Possibility for a friend to join the game in order to help me at any time during the solo mode
  • More gun fighting
  • Deeper storyline connection between solo adventure and multiplayer modes
  • Tracking stats and performance in multiplayer, and the ability to share and compete with others on in-game leaderboards online and/or in a companion app
  • More possibilities to defend yourself against attackers in multiplayer
  • Ability to create my own multiplayer avatar (customize looks, abilities, skills)
  • A deeper team-based multiplayer (guilds, squads that have common objectives, new tools for clan management…)
  • Customization of the multiplayer experience (logos, avatars, objects, team names etc)
  • New multiplayer modes
  • Assassination missions in co-op
  • Additional multiplayer characters with new skill sets
  • Ability to create user-generated content in multiplayer (maps, replay videos)
  • A spectator mode in multiplayer
  • A co-op split-screen mode
  • PvP mode with melee fighting and hand-to-hand combat
  • Co-op story missions (two to four players)

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