Best Christmas Videos 2012

Christmas videos are go!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Yep Christmas videos have already started to flood in from the various tubes, so here are just a few to quench your holiday thirst.

If I could I would buy you all Christmas gifts and we’d all go off to a land full of sunshine, fresh white snow and margaritas… yes I’m talking about Christmas at the Playboy mansion.


But that’s not gonna happen, so instead of crying your self to sleep on your pillow of broken dream here; I’ve created this list of the funniest Christmas related videos to cheer you up.

And gang, please give this a thumbs up and a comment if you like – don’t make me cry all the way to Kwanza, at which point I’ll be getting Crunk from my Unity Cup!

I’m down.

First up, let’s start things with a good old fashioned Christmas Smack down as KrispyKreme goes over his wishlist. Video is go, The Time is NOW!

Time for the next video, if you want some, come get some!

It’s become a yearly tradition, house’s decked out in music synched xmas lights ready to send a Japanese kid in to a epic epileptic seizure.. and now for the first time TWO houses go face to face… or I guess façade to façade, fence to fence? Whatever with this PSY-chodelic light battle… It’s a gangam style fight!


Click here to see them side by side:


Who wins?


And finally tis the season for my friends at Scarysnowman to really shine. They’re in their element and it’s time for something pranktacular



And if there hasn’t been enough shoop da whoop in your holidays, check out my own Christmas video from years past.


Merry Holidays wherever, whatever and  um… whyever you are!