7 Funny Milking Videos

Got milk? Good, now dump it on your head!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Since planking faded from memory, many meme challengers have claimed to be the new planking. Milking is the latest contender. Started by British college students, the fad is exactly what it sounds like: pour a carton of milk over your head and film it. Don’t believe me that people are actually doing this? Here are 7 funny milking videos:


Milking Newcastle

The origins of a great… whatever!


Milking Oxford

…and he never stopped walking.


Milking London Radio

Note: “Re-spect!” is very different from actual respect.


Milking Alabama

This is how we milk in America! (Exactly the same as in the UK.)


Milking Uh…

Wherever this is, I’ll keep my distance.


Milking 8-Bit

Mario is confused by this.


Milking Slow Motion

Revelation: Milk out of the freezer is cold.


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