Las Vegas Back of House Tour: Fremont Street Experience

A single elaborate control room commands the massive Fremont Street Experience display in Las Vegas.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

During its recent 2012 Back of House Tour, The Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority welcomed journalists into the hidden control room that monitors the Fremont Street Experience.

The massive digital display stretching out above downtown Las Vegas, the Fremont Street Experience is 90 ft. high and more than 1,500 ft. long. Lined with a network of four-colored lights worth more than $70 million in total construction costs, the Experience can show an endless variety of video and images – matched with a massive sound system.

From the control room, a single lonely technician can determine the themes of the rotating overhead shows – ranging from musical displays featuring Elvis Presley or The Doors to special holiday displays for New Year's Eve or Chinese New Year.

The control room also monitors a network of security cameras keeping an eye on the hordes of gamblers and partiers lining Fremont Street.

It's no more than an oversized office, and it's stuffed with technology – making photography difficult. However, we managed to take a few insider shots while on the scene.