Here’s Your BioShock Infinite Box Art

Irrational Games releases the game’s official cover art.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Over the weekend, Saturday specifically, Irrational Games released the official cover art for BioShock Infinite. The box art depicts the game’s protagonist, Booker DeWitt, bruised and beaten, sporting a five o’clock shadow and holding one cool looking shotgun. The imagery of a burning American flag should also raise some eyebrows when you see this puppy next to other games on store shelves.

bioshock_infinite_360 bioshock_infinite_ps3

Click each to enlarge.

Surprisingly, the cover does not feature Elizabeth, the game’s other main character and the woman Booker is sent to Columbia to rescue. It’s a strange choice, considering Elizabeth is arguably the true “face” of BioShock Infinite. Without her, the cover to Infinite kind of makes the game feel like every other shooter on the market, which couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that the PlayStation 3 version will feature PS Move support, as well as come with a copy of the original BioShock. So if you’ve never played the first BioShock and own a PlayStation 3, this is the version you should pick up.

So, what do you guys and gals think of the game’s cover art? Cool, or too generic? 

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