“Dumb Ways To Die” + 4 Parodies

A happy little tune about offing yourself!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Metro Trains Melbourne wants you to stay safe when riding their trains. That’s why they produced a hilarious, dark viral clip to promote safety called “Dumb Ways To Die.” The song was written by John Mescall, performed by Ollie McGill, and viewed by over 30 million people in just two weeks. Safety for the win! Here’s “Dumb Ways To Die” and 4 Parodies:


Dumb Ways To Die

Finally, the Darwin Awards have an anthem.


Dumber Ways To Die

Dumb always needs a dumber.


Cool Things To Find

I want this stuff. Gimme.


Dumb Ways To Gangnam Style

At least none of them horsy danced to death.


Dumb Ways To Die IRL

It’s strangely comforting to know all these things have been done and caught on video.


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