Internet Reacts to Kate Middleton Gettin’ Pregnant

The good, the bad, the ugly and Ed Sheeran share their thoughts on The Royal Baby.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

If you're the kind of person who gets excited about the announcement of the pregnancy of a woman whom you'll never meet and who has absolutely no idea that you exist, chances are you were pretty pumped about yesterday's news that walking uterus Kate Middleton had successfully managed to create privileged life inside her stomach.

The announcement of the creation of the UK's future King (because for some reason we still have Kings and Queens in the 21st century) predictably brought with it a selection of well wishes, negative comments and a flurry of parody Twitter accounts, ranging from the mildly humourous to, well, this:

Ha ha! A reference to the Mayan apocalypse prediction and use of a popular internet acronym? The creator of this account truly has his/her finger on the pulse of popular culture. 

Justin Bieber, too?! Jeez, who won't @Royal_Fetus turn his/her satirical eye on?!

Aside from painfully impersonating the unborn child, a lot of work also went into predicting what the child will look like, resulting in these abominations from The Sun.

The Telegraph responded to the news by uploading a video to YouTube wherein they branded the unborn foetus the "Most Anticipated Baby Since William", which made the pregnancy sound more like a Grammy award than the conception of a lifeform. They also show footage of Kate Middleton playing hockey in heels, which is completely irrelevant yet noteworthy for its impracticality. I know you're the Duchess of Something or Other, Kate, but it's OK to wear a pair of flats every now and again darlin'. 


Many were on hand to wish the couple congratulations via Twitter…



…but others were not as quick to offer their well wishes…



…while others used the opportunity to publicise their completely unrelated xenophobia.



And here's The Wall Street Journal, asking middling singer/songwriter/ginger Ed Sheeran what he thinks about the pregnancy for some reason (spoiler: he thinks it's "wicked")

So then. Here's to 8/9 months of incessant international news coverage of a complete stranger's unborn child. Can't wait.

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