7 Episodes of Prank vs. Prank

The couple that pranks together, stays together… but only to pull more pranks.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Most relationship counselors would advise against repeatedly pranking your boyfriend or girlfriend. However, most couples aren’t Jenna and Jesse, who make videos where they own their significant other that receive millions of views on YouTube. Here are 7 episodes of Prank vs. Prank:


Toilet Paper Gun

This is at the top of Bart Simpson’s Christmas list.


Extreme Spider Scare

Oh, like there are no spiders at the gym.


Hair Gel Glue Prank

Elmer’s Glue, Axe, it’s basically the same thing.


Spaghetti and Meat Bugs Prank

I bet Lady and the Tramp would be cool with it.


Snake Revenge Prank

I’m guessing this got optioned for the next Hangover movie.


SAND-wich Prank

Next time you tell your girlfriend “go make me a sandwich,” this could be the result.


Hot Pepper Extract Prank

It takes her almost 4 minutes to call him an asshole, a surprising amount of restraint.


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