The Big List: Middleton’s Monster Baby? How Creepy Are You?

Kate Middleton’s disturbing ultrasound! Plus: Take the online creepiness test.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to do something really terrible or stupid in 2012, become unjustifiably famous for it, maybe even get rich for it, cling to the spotlight for as long as possible, hopefully be forgotten by 2013 and check out these links!


Royal Family Releases Kate Middleton Ultrasound Image,30613/

That baby ain’t right.


45 Things We Should Just Forget About 2012

Will forgetting make the Honey Boo Boo nightmares go away?


15 People Made Famous By The Internet In 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, The Intertubes University Class of 2012.


4 Ways To Tell If You’re Creepy (Using The Internet)

Also, do you cradle your cable modem in your arms like a child?


Bar Conversations

“It’s just in your head,” the cartoonist’s friend reassured him, after which he texted, “he knows too much.”


That’s all for this internet famous edition of The Big List.


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