8 Hilarious Pranks Starring Sam Pepper

A prankster from across the pond.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Sam Pepper describes his videos as “worse than the plague.” That might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration, though I’m sure some folks got ticked off by his prank videos, which feature old men making out and getting naked in public. Here are 8 hilarious pranks starring Sam Pepper:


Dirty Old Men Prank

So that’s what happened to the Six Flags Guy.


Naked Photo Prank

You just got Union Jack’d.


Train Horn Prank

Their horn’s not loud enough.


Trolleying Prank

When’s Olympic Trolleying gonna happen?


Leaf Blower Prank

This prank blows.


Fake Authority Prank

Pull ‘em up or get socked by the police.


Drive By Street Rave Prank

Dub wubs on wheels!


Giant Pigeons

They seem legit.


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