‘Walking Dead’ Producer Brings World War II Alien Drama To USA

Gale Anne Hurd and Bridget Tyler set the stage for “Horizon.”

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Five years ago, USA cancelled “The 4400” and since then it has largely left genre shows for its sister network, Syfy. But that may soon change.

Deadline is reporting that USA has given a rare cast-contingent drama pilot called “Horizon;” which chronicles an alien invasion during the height of World War II.

“Cast-contingent” means that “Horizon” will only reach the pilot stage if the producers find performers that meet the network’s approval. Presumably USA will attempt to lure a few big name actors and actresses to the project.

“Horizon” reportedly centers on a female secretary at the FBI who learns that her husband may have died while fighting an alien ship in the South Pacific. As she presses her own investigation into the events that claimed her husband, she becomes the only person in a position to oppose the invaders’ agenda.

The project was created by “Burn Notice” screenwriter, Bridget Tyler, with “The Walking Dead” executive producer, Gale Anne Hurd attached as an executive producer.

In a statement to Deadline, USA Co-Presidents Jeff Wachtel and Chris McCumber said “‘Horizon’ is our first genre piece since ‘The 4400’ and the first ever period drama for the network. This signals the next step in the evolution of our programming brand.”

According to USA Executive Vice President, Bill McGoldrick the network “had been actively thinking about how to do genre and period dramas and what an USA genre and period show is.” The report notes that Tyler’s “Horizon” script came as a writing sample for a staffing position on another series before it was discovered by USA Senior Vice President Alex Sepiol.

Given that “Political Animals” won’t be returning to USA, our first casting choice would be Sigourney  Weaver. However, the lead character may be centered on a younger woman.

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