The Weekly Crave Wrap-Up – 12/08/12

Your look back at the week in film from ComingSoon, CraveOnline, ShockTillYouDrop and SuperHeroHype!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The Star Trek Into Darkness Announcement Teaser!

The first look at J.J. Abrams' latest somehow raises even more questions.

Kevin Smith Makes Plans for Clerks III

And will it be his very last film…?

The First Poster for Oblivion Revealed

Tom Cruise stars in the post-apocalyptic thriller from the director of TRON: Legacy

Dan Aykroyd on Ghostbusters 3 and Beyond

The comedian insists that the sequel is closer to production than ever.

The Third TRON Film Moves Forward with a New Writer

Disney hasn't given up yet on the troubled sci-fi franchise.

The B-Movies Podcast #97: Computer… End Program

Bibbs and Witney present unlikely films that deserve Oscar nominations and review Hyde Park on Hudson.

The Series Project: Star Wars (Part 3)

Witney Seibold concludes his look at all the Star Wars movies with three feature films starring the Ewoks.

The Myth of Macho: Gay-tham for Statham

Ariel Schudson takes a look at the unusual appeal of cinema's latest action icon.

CraveOnline Records a Commentary for The Amazing Spider-Man

William Bibbiani and John Pavlich of Sofa Dogs examine why audiences were so polarized by the film.

B-Movies Extended: How to Make a Good Christmas Movie

Bibbs and Witney take a look at the holiday genre and show you how to do it right.

Will Jessica Lange Return for "American Horror Story" Season 3? 

Her return to the popular horror series is not a sure thing.

Rob Zombie Pens Novel for The Lords of Salem, Alternate Synopsis Revealed 

The novelization of his upcoming horror film will be a "different" experience.

The 2012/2013 Winter Horror Movie Guide

Ryan Turek runs down all the horror movies coming out this season, big and small.

Exclusive: Want to See Some Gory FX Too Extreme for The Collection? 

Too extreme for The Collection? Believe it, folks.

Shock Interview: Silent Night's Malcolm McDowell 

The legendary actor talks about his latest horror movie and working with Stanley Kubrick on A Clockwork Orange.

The New Man of Steel Poster is Here!

The new Superman movie looks very "arresting" indeed.

Christopher Nolan Talks Man of Steel and Justice League Role

How involved will the Dark Knight Rises director be in Warner Bros.' upcoming superhero slate?

Jamie Foxx on Electro's Origins in The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

Find out what Marc Webb's take is on the classic comic book villain.

Dane DeHaan is Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

The star of Chronicle will play The Green Goblin's son in the upcoming blockbuster.

Has the Villain for Justice League Been Revealed?

The rumor mill has started, and it is pointing upward.