5 Students Caught Sleeping In Class

These videos all get an “A” for “Asleep.”

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

You’re in a really boring class… trying to take notes… teacher’s voice… so monotone… it’s like… Peanuts… in real life… can’t… stay… zzzzzzzzzz… Wake up! It’s so easy to fall asleep during class, and thanks to mobile phones, it’s never been easier to record people doing it. Here are videos of 5 students caught sleeping in class:


Physics Lecture

Perhaps he was dreaming about the atomic bomb?


Slapped While Sleeping

Revenge is a dish best served incorrectly.



The Apple ones prevent this from happening with magic.


Being Nose-y

Starts at :30 – Did he learn anything that day? That de-pens.



When he wakes up, he’s got Godzilla-like building destruction power.


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