Best of Twitter: December Week Two!

Comedy! Sports! News! We get ahold of the funniest Tweets so you don't have to!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Are you sick of hearing about what Ashton Kutcher had for dinner or about whatever next, dumb product placement some random celebrity is endorsing? Of course you are. Twitter is made for two things: Self-promotion and dirty jokes! That's it. We here at CRAVE defy you to come up with another reason that Twitter exists. There is none.


Already in line to by tickets for KanyeEgoRelief2013. 


Ganfolfini and Van Zandt plug Bon Jovi? We're in. 


They should know it's Hanukah. They have eight nights to figure it out. 


It was better than when Drowning Pool played "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" after 9/11. 


Ringo is clearly a better drummer than Grohl. 


Catwoman can do anything she wants as far as we're concerned. 


Better that than, "I've met some awesome friends in a My Little Pony chat room."


Dr. Drew is about as serious as a clown getting hit in the balls. 


The people of Best Western just took back what was rightfully theirs.