5 Videos That Will Kill Your Christmas Spirit

I'm dreaming of a bleak Christmas.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Christmas is supposed to be the one time of year where we put our differences aside in order to celebrate love, peace and buying each other unnecessarily expensive shit. However, not everyone has a soft spot in their heart dedicated to the 25th of December.

Here are 5 videos that celebrate the bleaker side of the holiday season.


A Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion

40 years later and Lucy's still a massive dick.


Drunk Santa

The pressure of Christmas gets to everyone.


Christmas Gets Worse Every Year

"I can't even wrap up this present, without losing the end of the selotape" – OH GOD IT'S LIKE THIS SONG IS ABOUT ME.


The Most Depressing Choir Ever

Nothing says "Merry Christmas!" like a group of awkward teenagers being forced to sing against their will.


Misery Christmas

Still have a bit of Christmas cheer left in you? Then watch this video of a grown man force-feeding a teddy bear ice cream.