MMA Fighter Ray Elbe Suffers Broken Penis

Did he just say he... No, that didn't just...  Oh, oh God, no....

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely

OK, think of the worst thing that could ever happen to you.  Ever…in the history of ever-dom.

Got it?  Alright, now take a look at this…this is worse.

MMA fighter Ray Elbe endured an injury most males wouldn’t wish upon their worst enemy. While having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend, the combatant with the moniker “Magical” suffered a broken penis.

You can check out all the gory details from our pals over at Sherdog…

And Elbe even give Sherdog a strong statement that has to be a contender for the understatement of the year award.

    “Obviously it’s just been a really, really, really difficult injury to rehab from,” he said.


Gird your loins, people.


Photo Credit: Sherdog

By: Jeff Sherwood