7 Hilarious Raps By Dormtainment

Comedy straight outta Dunwoody!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

How did six guys named Chaz, Cam, Amanuel, Rome, Mike and Tayget over 30 million views on YouTube? By making funny hip-hop songs and sketches aimed at college students. (Also, putting a few additional asses on the internet couldn’t have hurt!) Here are 7 hilarious rap videos by Dormtainment:


“Ass On The Internet”

I’m gonna order cardboard internet from Comcast.


“Old School Jam”

Wait… what?


“Ballin On’a Budget”

He may not have a bed, but he’s got a badass TMNT blanket.


“Straight Outta Dunwoody”

There’s nothing more intimidating than wearing a sweater around your neck.


“The Washing Machine”

Finally, a new dance crazy that Carlton Banks can get behind.


“Rap Real Lazy”

They’ve got that hungover zombie flow.


“Fart In Front Of Me”

Girl, I only want you to fart for me.


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