Video: Looper Director Rian Johnson Answers Fan Questions

Looper director Rian Johnson is talking to you -- the fans of his trippy, twisting time travel epic -- and now, all the secrets of the destined-to-be cult classic are revealed in an illuminating livestream interview.

Jason Kobelyby Jason Kobely

Did you have plenty of questions after watching all the time travel paradoxes and headscratching complexities of writer-director Rian Johnson's sci-fi action blast Looper?

Well, Johnson fessed up — and told all — about the sci-fi noir in a livestream interview with our friends over at Cinemablend.

Johnson has answers for how all the elaborate make-up was done to transform Joseph Gordon-Levitt into Bruce Willis, what some of the film's dangling questions actually mean and finally — is Johnson wearing pants?

No seriously…that's an actual question.

Wardrobe issues aside, Johnson offers some illuminating insight into one of the most intriguing films of 2012 — so check out the full video of Johnson answering questions and interacting with fans below.