“Beer Money” Debuts On Citytv Vancouver

Game show is filmed at popular local bars.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

A new original Citytv game show called "Beer Money" debuted last night where hosts visit local pubs and sports bars to hand out cold-hard cash to those who know their trivia.

Hosted by Sunny Lenarduzz (daughter of Bobby, former athlete and President of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC) and comedian Andrew Barber (known on the local Vancouver scene for his stand-up improv routines as well as writing and directing), the show offers unsuspecting bar patrons the chance to win more beer money (and who doesn't want that?). The show is written by Victoria-based award-winning newspaper and magazine journalist Tom Hawthorn.

"Beer Money" premiered on December 17th and will be on every Monday night at 7:30pm Pacific.

Photo: http://tv.citytv.com