5 Funny Videos About Wrapping Presents

Time to unwrap your Christmas comedy!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Since there are all these stupid holiday customs and expectations, you can’t just shove a toaster in someone’s hands and say, “Merry Christmas or whatever.” You’ve got to wrap the gift and make it look nice. *Christmas Grumbling* Here are 5 funny videos about wrapping presents:


Cussing On Christmas

It’s important that talent and director have a strong working relationship.


How To, Batman! – How To Wrap A Christmas Present

Thank you… Batman?


Kid Snippets: “Gift Wrapping”

They were both fired an hour later.


The Wrap Everything Prank

All I want for Christmas is for my apartment to go un-wrapped.


How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

The greatest gift of all is an extremely patient cat.


Bonus: Saturday Night Live – “Dick In A Box”

A classic, classy gift for a lady.


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