Olympian John Steffensen Has Racism Claim Thrown Out

Athletics Australia throwns out Steffensen's discrimination claims.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

The one-time future of Australian athletics, John Steffensen, had his claims of racial vilification and discrimination, made prior to the 2012 London Olympics, dismissed by Athletics Australia on Thursday.

Steffensen, one of Australia’s more controversial athletes in recent memory, alleged prior to the London Games that racism had been the cause of him not earning an individual spot in the 400 metre event. The 30-year-old also claimed he was a victim of racial taunting by Australian officials during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.    

Steffensen was furious at not being selected over Steve Solomon for the 400m and recorded an interview with Channel Nine berating AA head Dallas O’Brien.

"I've put up with being racially vilified by this federation, being discriminated against on many teams," Steffensesaid at the time.

"You know it'd help if I was different colour, then a lot of decisions with my federation would be totally different, but I've never brought that up, I've always kept quiet on that."

"But it is the fact, it's the way it is, but I live with it and I keep running and I keep representing my country and I keep winning Australian trials."

Athletics Australia finally dropped the case this week, releasing a statement that said Steffensen’s claims could not be substantiated despite Steffensen and a number of other athletes contributing to the investigation.

"The result of the investigation is that the allegations of racial vilification or discrimination made by Steffensen cannot be substantiated either generally or in relation to his non-selection in the individual men's 400m," read the AA statement.

"Furthermore, the investigation has concluded that there was no basis for stating that O'Brien had lied or was a liar."

As the situation continues to sour, AA is launching their own investigation into Steffensen for bringing the sport into a state of disrepute.

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