Tech Squibs: ECBC Bags Carry Your Gadgets in Style

ECBC messenger and computer bags and backpacks carry your electronics in style.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

SQUIB: a : a short humorous or satiric writing or speech; b : a short news item. (Merriam-Webster)

This Tech Squib asks why you'd use a boring computer bag if you could use something that looks as good as the ECBCs above.

Making backpacks, totes and messenger bags, ECBC prides itself on both looks and organization — building products that look professional and fashionable, while providing adequate protection and plenty of pockets/compartments.

We've tried out a couple ECBC products over the last couple of months, taking them back and forth to our Los Angeles offices and across the country on work travel. We can report the bags help up well — resisting everything from bumps to stains. The only minor complaint is that the zipper handles on just one of the bags we looked at came loose. That's a quibble, and that was most likely due to how vigorous our testing proved.

Prices range from $100 on up, with colors varying for each make and model. Thought there are cheaper bags, we predict ECBCs should do well in the marketplace as both aesthetic sensitive and protection aware buyers could come on board.

CORRECTION: In the original version of this story, it was reported that zippers were loose on each bag tested. That was incorrect – an error due to the recording process. Only one zipper on one bag had an issue.