Tebow Frustrated With Jets QB Situation

It looks as likely as ever the days are numbered for Tebow in a Jets uniform.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Throughout his widely documented football career — through college and the pros — Tim Tebow has been the picture of grace, humility and kindness. Tebow has walked the walk just as he has talked the talk, even during situations that would cause most people to fly off the handle in a fit of rage.

But even the most saintly of all of us can only be pushed so much without at least saying something on the negative.

After comments made by Tim Tebow on Wednesday concerning the Jets decision to ignore him and go with Greg McElroy as starter in light of Mark Sanchez getting benched, it appears that for Tebow, his limit is fast approaching.

"You know, sometimes things just happen out of your control," Tebow said "Obviously, you might not be pleased with them or happy about it. You just handle them the best you can."

Tebow added, "Every opportunity you get, you want to make the most of. I would've loved to have more of an opportunity to just play quarterback. Obviously, that's my goal. Just make the most of these last two weeks and see what happens after that."

Ok, I will admit that this isn't a hide your kids Dennis Leery in his prime type of rant, but for Tebow, it's as close as you're going to get. And the guy has a right to be mad, because as far as the depth chart was concerned most of the season, Tebow was number two behind Sanchez with McElroy bringing up the rear.

It boils down to the fact Jets head coach Rex Ryan never intended to play Tebow as a starting quarterback. Ryan never had any belief or intention of using Tebow as anything as an occasional gimmick, and even in that capacity it's obvious that Ryan wasn't fully committed.

Ultimately, Tebow will quietly ask to be traded this offseason so he can seek his desire to be a starting quarterback elsewhere. The Jets will bluster for a bit, but concerning the lack of trust that Ryan has in Tebow combined with the potential for further distractions caused by his continual benching, New York will have no other option but to meet his request.

Which begs the question of why did they even trade for Tebow in the first place? That's something that even the man himself has no answer for, but in typical Tebow fashion, he's all about the road ahead of him as opposed to what's already been done.

''I don't have regrets,'' Tebow said. ''I believe everything happens for a reason, and it's a learning opportunity for me and there's a lot I've learned, good and bad.

''I still appreciate the opportunity to come be a Jet.''

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