7 Funny Video Game Shorts By Corridor Digital

Visual FX and laughs worth putting down the controller for.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Player one is ready. They are Corridor Digital, a YouTube shorts filmmaking group with over a million subscribers on YouTube. They bring video games to life in unexpected ways, riffing on topics like achievements, glitches and cheat codes. Player Two is you. Get ready to play these 7 funny video game shorts by Corridor Digital:


The Glitch

That gun is like Vanellope Von Schweetz disease.



I think the new Halo also gives you points for avoiding eye contact with other players.


Potion Overdose

This is why you find so many wizards in the emergency room.


Video Game Cheats In Real Life

I can do the Konami code in real life.


Bark Ops

There’s nothing in the rulebook that says a dog can’t be an American hero.


Angry Barrels (Angry Birds IRL)

Who needs an iPhone when you’ve got a gigantic slingshot?


There’s An Alien On Your Head!

How did he not notice an alien on his face?


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