The Weekly Crave Wrap-Up: 12/22/12

Your look back at the week in film from ComingSoon, CraveOnline, ShockTillYouDrop and SuperHeroHype!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The Full New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser

Your best look yet at J.J. Abrams' mysterious new sci-fi sequel.

The Trailer for Scary Movie 5 is Online

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan show up for the latest entry in the hit parody franchise.

The Trailer for Michael Bay's Pain & Gain is Here

The director of Transformers tries his hand at a low-budget crime comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson.

The Trailer and Posters for The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell play competing stage magicians in the upcoming comedy.

Jackie Chan Says He's in The Expendables 3

The man who invented the kung fu comedy joins the cast of the all-star action sequel.

The B-Movies Podcast #99: Made Me Wanna Shoop

Bibbs and Witney review all the holiday movie releases, including This is 40, Zero Dark Thirty, The Impossible, Jack Reacher, Les Miserables, The Promised Land and Django Unchained.

Free Film School #78: What the @#$% is 48fps?

Professor Witney Seibold explains the new motion picture technology that has audiences and critics divided.

The Myth of Macho: Iron Man

Ariel Schudson dissects the relationship of man and machine in a superhero who turns himself into one.

The Street Fighter Scene: An Interview with Gary Daniels

The martial arts superstar talks his latest movie, Forced to Fight, and his lengthy career in action cinema.

B-Movies Extended: The Top Ten Movie Bunnies

Bibbs and Witney celebrate their favorite part of The Hobbit – the giant bunnies – with their picks for the best motion picture rabbits of all time.

2012: The Year in Horror Poster Art: The Best, The Worst and More

Take a look at the most striking, boring and just plain derivative artwork from the past year.

2012: The Top Five Horror Comics of the Year

Put down your remote control and curl up with the scariest comic books in recent memory.

Showrunners Dropping Like Flies on "The Walking Dead," Mazzara Exits

The creative force behind seasons two and three of the hit horror series takes a walk of his own.

Let's Try This Again: Weinsteins Set a New Date for Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes

The latest "found footage" update of the haunted house tale will come out two years later than originally planned.

Trick 'r Treat's Sam Returns to Offer Holiday Cheer

The star of the cult Halloween horror film has a creepy Christmas in an all-new video.

SuperHeroHype! 2013 Movie Guide

All the movies you need to get excited about for the coming year.

Jonathan Nolan on The Dark Knight and Justice League

The screenwriter finally speaks about the whole "Robin" thing, and reveals his opinion of The Avengers.

Jamie Foxx Goes In-Depth on Electro's Origins in Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Django Unchained star says his new villain actually thinks he's Spider-Man's "partner."

Iron Man 3 Reveals New Still

A new picture proves that Tony Stark's next adventure won't be an easy one.

Firefly Attacks in New 'Arrow' Promo

Catch a glimpse of the latest DC supervillain getting the TV treatment in the hit CW series.