‘Van Persie Could Have Been Killed’, says Ferguson of Swansea Incident

Manchester United manager is furious following the altercation at Swansea.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has spoken out over the incident between Van Persie and Swansea defender Ashley Williams, saying that the Man U striker "could have been killed" after Williams recklessly blasted the ball at the back of his head.

The altercation happened in the 75th minute of United's 1-1 draw with Swansea, with Williams kicking the ball at the head of the downed Van Persie after the referee had blown the whistle. An enraged Van Persie leapt to his feet to confront Williams, with members of both teams attempting to calm the situation down. Williams was given just a booking for the incident by referee Michael Oliver, who was confronted twice by an angry Ferguson.

“The FA has got to look into it, irrespective of Williams having a yellow card", said the Man U boss in his post-match interview. "It was absolutely deliberate, absolutely no question.

“The whistle has gone, the game has stopped and he’s done that right in front of the referee a foot from the player", he continued. "It was the most dangerous thing I’ve seen on a football field for many, many years. Robin could have been killed.

“Williams should be banned for a long time because Robin’s very lucky to be alive.”

However, Williams claimed that he was innocent of any wrongdoing, saying: “I cleared the ball and it hit him on the head. I understand why he is angry, I tried to say sorry.

“I tried to apologise but there wasn’t much time. I didn’t see him afterwards. Obviously I would shake his hand but it is no big deal.

“It is not like I am going to shoot and hit him square on the head.”

Watch video footage of the incident below. If you're an Arsenal fan, feel free to watch it several times.

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