Seahawks Are Stereotypical Super Bowl Squad

The Seahawks are beginning to assemble every 'team of destiny' cliché while winning big against the Niners. Here is a list of reasons why Seattle could be legitimately making a run for a Super Bowl win.

B. Redd Reddochby B. Redd Reddoch

“I am your destiny.” – George McFly

The Seattle Seahawks dismantled the San Francisco 49ers 42-13 Sunday. The 'hawks were up so high, so quickly, it was easy to let one’s mind wonder about bigger challenges.

Every year, many a pundit will look across the NFL landscape and try to find the Super Bowl winner. They are looking for an elusive creature that sneaks up on you. They are looking for the [cue angelic music] 'team of destiny.'

The team of destiney [cue angelic music again] can’t be truly known until their destiny is truly met with a Super Bowl. Until then, it is all guesswork. Without an accurate crystal ball, they use the past to find their predictors. It seems like a wise idea. Many an armchair Wall Streeter and Vegas shlub bettor work this way.

I only see one team that has all of the stereotypical qualities of the mythical team of destiny – the Seattle Super Seahawks. Here’s why:

  • Unlikely Underdog Story. Underdog is definitely a good description for the Seahawks.
  • Russel Wilson has been too short his whole life, but keeps people proving folks wrong. He plays like the titular character in “Lucas” or “Rudy” or team of “Hoosiers.” He wasn’t even suppose to be the starter when drafted.
  • The city itself wears ‘underdog’ as a badge of honor being snubbed time and again (see: A-Rod, Sonics, etc). The Seahawks weren’t picked by anyone to make the playoffs, let alone be in a position to strike for the ring.

Recent Examples: New  Orleans Saints ’10.

  • Finish Strong

A team on a hot streak heading into the playoffs is always dangerous. Take the New York Giants; they struggled to find themselves in the first few months and then ran the table the last two months of last season. The Seahawks have only one loss since November. They are favored against the St. Louis Rams at home next week.
Recent Examples: New York Giants ’08 and ’12.

  • Highest Powered Offense

Seattle has averaged over 50 points over their last three games. Their 120 point differential during that time is only matched by teams from the pre-1950 era.

Marshawn Lynch has been averaging 8.2 yards per attempt the past month and has earned his weight in Skittles.

Recent Examples: New England Patriots ’03, ’04, Green Bay Packers ‘10

  • Timely Luck

A team needs some luck to get to the Super Bowl and win it. The “Tuck Rule” saved the Patriots after they fumbled in the snow. The Giants needed Eli Manning’s pass to David Tyree to stick like glue to his ear. The ’12 Seahawks needed replacement referees to blow a call on Monday Night Football.

Recent Examples: New England Patriots ’01

  • Strong Defense

Seattle is No. 1 in Opponents Points Per Game. Unlike the Falcons, they don’t have a soft schedule. This isn’t just a view of their recent blowout streak. They have averaged 15.5 points allowed for the whole season. Terry Bradshaw got into the Hall of Fame behind such numbers.

Recent Examples: Baltimore Ravens ’00, Tampa Bay ’01, Pittsburgh Steelers ‘05

  • No One Believes in 'Us' Mentality

The Seahawks’ roster is a who’s who of an 'Island of Misfit Toys.'

Marshawn Lynch was cast off from Buffalo as ‘never will be’. Brandon Browner was found in the Canadian Football League. Russell Wilson was a steal at round three during the draft this past spring. The same Doug Baldwin that lit up the 49ers secondary, was undrafted. Oh, and there is Marcus Trufant who’s name is never mentioned in ranks of elite cornerbacks, which alone is reason to play with passion.

Recent Examples: Every single winner … ever.

Only time will tell if the Seahawks are really the team of destiny for 2012. Until the final whistle is blown on Feb 3., it won’t be known.

Until then, just put aside homer mentality and see is happening for the Seattle Seahawks.


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