Five Games to Play on New Year’s Eve

Looking to kick off the new year right with some video games? We've got some suggestions. 

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Holidays are no excuse to quit gaming. Instead, you should modify your normal repertoire to play within the idea of the holiday at hand. On Halloween, a zombie game would suffice. On Valentine’s Day, why not try Lollipop Chainsaw? With that in mind, here’s our list of games that you should play on New Year’s Eve!

Animal Crossing


Last time I checked there aren’t any other games, besides Animal Crossing, that literally celebrates a congruent New Year’s. Why not boot up your old town, clean up some weeds and re-up with some long forgotten friends. Hell, why else do you still have a Wii?! Plus, feel free to mess with the system’s internal clock so you don’t have to waste your midnight’s kiss on a cartoon hamster. Just make sure that you ignore the fact that playing Animal Crossing alone on New Year’s maybe the lowest point in your sad existence.

Mario Kart


The universal go-to for all social outings, Mario Kart is perfect for the amateur gamer and the experienced hardcore. What’s not to love about a bit of high-octane action, cartoon plumbers, and shells that explode on contact!.At this point you can pretty much pick any of the variations of Mario Kart and your friends should do okay. Just make sure you remember to unlock as many of the races and racers as possible before friends come over. You don’t want egg on your face because the hot brunette in your life can’t play Daisy on Mario Kart Wii.

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New Years Day is a time for resolutions in life as well as in video games. Why not take the time to finally start building a Minecraft recreation of The Starship Enterprise? Or, maybe Buckingham Palace? Just grab a pen and paper, draft up a simple sketch of your favorite structure, and get to work, dammit! Then, after you’ve spent 300 man hours reconstructing the Pillar of Autumn from Halo, I’ll take three minutes out of my day to watch your effort time-lapsed on YouTube. Then, I will move on with my life while you wonder why you wasted your time with glorified pixel art.

Dance Central


Now, for those of you that may have guests over at your house for New Year’s, there’s nothing more embarrassing than a game of Dance Central. Perfect for your friends who are too cool for video games and too active to slouch on their couch for the hours it takes to re-create nerd topography in Minecraft. Plus, for the nerds in your life that still love Dance Dance Revolution, they can grab their ultra-baggy jeans with way too many buckles and Gangnam Style their way to high score bliss. Plus, this is the perfect game to embarrass parents, grandparents, and that football player that only plays Call of Duty.

Bejeweled Blitz


You might ask, “why the hell is a game that lasts all of one minute on this list?” And then I would retort, “why the hell are you playing video games on New Year’s Eve?” You’re supposed to be drinking your face off, making out with your best friend’s cousin (who you’ll never see again), and getting stranded without a cab ride home. (Aside: have you ever tried to get a cab on New Year’s?!). Bejeweled Blitz will entertain you during those quiet moments during the New Year’s debauchery when no one is in your vicinity. Perhaps you’re stuck in the john for a quiet moment. Maybe you’re stuck in an empty subway station on your way to Time’s Square. No matter what the situation, Bejeweled Blitz is the perfect time waster when there is nothing else in the world to do.

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