Peter David Suffers a Stroke

The industry legend and current X-Factor scribe told the world of his condition on his website.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Peter David of X-Factor

Peter David, longtime writer of The Incredible Hulk and current writer of the long-running X-Factor series for Marvel, has suffered a stroke, he announced on his website today.

The post was short:

We were on vacation in Florida when I lost control of the right side of my body. I cannot see properly and I cannot move my right arm or leg. We are currently getting the extent of the damage sorted out and will report as further details become clarified.


We don't know any more than that as yet, but we really hope for his speedy recovery. David is an incredibly prolific writer, with over 1200 comics and 97 novels to his credit, and truth be told, he's a major reason I'm even interested in comics today. I was a very casual reader, but learning that there was a version of the Hulk that was a Las Vegas legbreaker, complete with pinstriped suits and fedoras, going by the name Mr. Fixit that really started to turn me onto the kind of depth and weirdness and sheer awesome fun that can be had with these iconic characters.

David's X-Factor has been one of those great little books that inhabits its own corner of the Marvel Universe, and it seems to be able to tie in to the continuity at large when it wants to, but it doesn't really have to, thanks to its cult following. He's no stranger to controversy, either, as his establishment of Shatterstar and Rictor as a gay couple notably irked the former's creator Rob Liefeld to comment publicly that he can't wait to get a hold of his character again and reverse it. Oh, Liefeld.

But I digress. Peter David is a legend in this medium, and let's all hope he gets well soon, and that the damage done is reversible.


UPDATE:  Peter's wife Kathleen has posted a more detailed account of what happened, but has assured us that his mind is all present and accounted for. When told he may be having a cardiac episode, his response was Comic Book Guy's "Worst Episode Ever." That is amusing and quite heartening. It looks like he's got a long road to recovery without the use of his right side, but there's room for plenty of hope.