The Book Report Podcast #125: Year’s Best and Worst

Nearly three hours of talking about the year in comics! CAN YOU STAND IT? Seriously, I doubt it.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Transformers MTMTE

Happy New Year, lawds and ladycakes!  It's the big year-end hoe-down for The Book Report, Crave Online's comic book podcast, with your Auld Lang Synators Andy Hunsaker and Iann Robinson.

The 125th episode is also the last one of 2012, and we run down our Best and Worst of the year – winners and losers include Scott Snyder, Batman, Avengers Academy, Butch Guice, Sean Murphy, Punk Rock Jesus, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, James Roberts, Fantastic Four, Saga, Prophecy, Hawkwoman, Hal Jordan, Space Punisher, Incredible Hulk and more!  Lest you think we neglect it, though, we're also covering the big controversy about Amazing Spider-Man #700 that's got everybody yakkin' up a storm. It's worth noting that a new recording method was attempted, but apparently Skype doesn't like to be recorded on an iPad, so the sound issues are a bit unfortunate this time out – and given the time crunch, this one may be a bit unfortunately unedited as well…  wait, I mean, it's RAW and UNCENSORED! That's the proper spin on why I sound like I'm sitting in a closed trash can. Ugh. Sorry about that, folks. It'll be better next time. Hope you can dig it anyhow.

Here's the MP3!

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And thanks to My Special Agent for allowing us to use their Hulk song "Anger/Danger" as our opening theme.