7 Videos of People Crying After Movies

Some folks cry after Les Miserables, others after Back To The Future.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Watching a movie can be a powerful, emotional experience. Of course, if you’re crying after a terrible movie, like Jack and Jill, there might just be something wrong with you. This is the appropriate reaction. Grab some popcorn, film and schadenfreude fans, because these are 7 videos of people crying after movies:


Les Miserables

It’ll make your parents “miserables.”


Return of the Jedi

Don’t remind her about the dead Ewok, she’ll be in tears for weeks.


The Odd Life of Timothy Green

So kids… was it sad?


Back To The Future

Poor… *sniff*… Biff!



Okay, who wants to watch SAW?


Grave of the Fireflies

It’s anime-king poor Dan cry.


Marly and Me

This lady might have a problem.


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