Free-to-Play Call of Duty Online Launches in China

The massively popular shooter goes live in China, freemium-style.

John VanderSchuitby John VanderSchuit

Call of Duty Online has finally breached into China, exposing hundreds of millions of new gamers to the beloved FPS franchise.

There’s one caveat, though. This is a “freemium” style game made separately from other entries in the series. While it is free to play (and in beta form, for now), there will be items you can pay for or even rent. Raven Software developed this specifically for the Chinese FPS market, and Activision feels it’s going to be a “game-changer”.

This open beta launch will surely be a proving grounds for Activision in the very crowded video game scene in southeast Asia.

Hat tip to Crave’s Game Revolution for this story.