Mavericks’ Rajon Rondo Suffers A Broken Nose And Fractured Eye Socket [Video]


John VanderSchuitby John VanderSchuit

Injuries are commonplace in sports, unfortunately. The severity and gruesomeness ranges from mild to obscene, and we’ll rank Rajon Rondo’s recent encounter with his teammate’s knee somewhere closer to obscene, not necessarily because of a fountain of blood or oppressive gore, but because it’s a face injury.

The swift knee accidentally delivered to the poor guy’s head after he tripped while on defense resulted in some severe concussive force that immediately caused a broken nose and a fractured eye socket. He’s going to miss several games, and after you watch this, you might feel that he needs to miss more than that:

Head injuries are no joke; hopefully Rondo recovers soon.

Thanks to NESN for this story.

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